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Spacecraft and Launch Systems

Reduce Pre-launch Preparation Times

launch pad is an above-ground facility from which a rocket-powered missile or space vehicle is vertically launched. It can include the central launch platform (mobile launcher platform), or the entire complex (launch complex). Equipment can include a launch mount or launch platform (supports the vehicle), service structure, and the infrastructure required to provide propellantsfluids, electrical power, communications, telemetry, payload processing, and storage facilities. 

Tactical launching applications for spacecraft demand complete reliability under all possible operating conditions. This equipment must raise multi-ton equipment into firing position smoothly, safely, and shock free.

Why are Nook ball screws ideal for these applications?

  • Reliability. The inherent screw principles designed into our screws has proven itself on several successful missions spanning several decades. 
  • Efficiency. Low friction facilitates >90% allows for extremely smooth operation in remote launch sites under the most demanding conditions such as subzero frozen wastelands, blazing desert heat, or 100% jungle humidity.
  • Simplicity. Can rely on manual operation in case of power failure.