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Assembly and Maintenance Platforms

Robust Precision Motion for Ultimate Safety

Nook has proven experience in the development of sophisticated maintenance stands required for annual aircraft maintenance and aircraft assembly lines.

Maintenance platforms in the aerospace industry are the workhorse of the MRO industry. They are depended on to position very large, heavy (and cumbersome) components and work crews safely with precision positioning accuracy. Several types of motion control systems are used on these platforms to enhance safety, improve ergonomics, and increase productivity. 

Motion control systems are used in the manufacturing, repair and maintenance (MRO) of commercial, military, and private aircraft. They are designed to minimize the the risk of human error by accurately lifting and positioning aircraft components. 

While aircraft manufacturing is typically associated with large parts, assemblers also need to position light-weight and sensitive components as well.


System Features

  • Increased safety
  • Long vertical travel under heavy loads
  • Fast acceleration and de-docking time

Nook components offer the ideal combination of efficiency, low power requirements, and cost.


  • Engine lifts & hoists
  • Assembly platforms
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Cranes
  • Positioning & control equipment