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Aircraft Systems

Lightweight and Reliable

Aircraft systems require zero failure and rapid, responsive and precise manipulation of their sub systems. They also require compact, lightweight, and highly efficient components to perform complex motions within limited spaces (in extreme environments). The reliability of these systems is extremely crucial. You can count on our broad range of motion solutions to deliver the performance you need every time you need it.

Nook's broad range of mechanical components have been trusted in countless aerospace application for over 50 years. They are ideal for aircraft sub-system components due to their ability to run on any power source. In addition, they eliminate the need for extraneous hardware such as pumps, hoses, filters, piping, etc... 

Advantages Include

  • Low power consumption
  • Smaller drive train components
  • Weight savings
  • Minimized wear
  • Low maintenance
  • Fail-safe operation


Typical Applications

Wing Flap Actuation - Nook ball screws provide high efficiency to allow for smaller components by minimizing power needed for full flap extension. Safety is also a key factor as they can be reverse driven when the wing flap is overloaded (preventing wing damage).

Flight Simulators - The ease of synchronization with a single drive motor, high repeatability, and predictable life make Nook ball screws the ideal solution for flight simulators. 

  • Canopy Actuators
  • Sensors
  • Tracking
  • Weapons
  • Cargo
  • Video

And many more...