MBN 8×2.5 RA Flanged

Miniature Metric Ball Screw Assembly, Single Nut with Flange, 8x2.5 RA

Nook Industries is a leading producer of miniature metric ball screws, offering a wide variety of sizes and configurations. The miniature single nut ball screw product line is supplied as a complete assembly form only. Screw ends can be machined to customer requirements in nearly any diameter and length configuration.

Some sizes of miniature metric ball screws are supplied with EZZE MOUNT™ bearing supports to make complete assemblies. Smaller size screw diameters can be enlarged by fitting a sleeve to the screw to allow mating with an EZZE MOUNT™.

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Product MBN 8×2.5 RA Flanged
Product Info
Nominal Rod Diameter [mm] 7.80
Material 4150
Thread Direction RH
Lead [mm] 2.5
Active Turns 3
Nominal Ball Dia. [mm] 1.588
Ball Nut Number MBN11185
Nut Weight [g] 41.0
Screw Weight [g/m] 388
End Code for Types 1,2, and 3 6
End Code for Types 4 4
End Code for Types 6 -
End Code for Types 7 -
Performance Specifications
Dynamic Load Ca [N] 1995
Static Load [N] 2460
Linear Speed (Based on DN Values) [mm/min] 21900
Forces and Torques
Torque to Raise 1 kN [N·m] 0.443
Screw Dimensions
A [mm] 7.80
B [mm] 6.6
Nut Dimensions
ØC [mm] 18
ØD [mm] 30
E [mm] 7
ØG [mm] 24
H [mm] 30
ØI [mm] 3.4
K [mm] 5
R [mm] 19

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