NARC 15 MS Assembly

Caged Ball Profile Rail Systems, Short Caged Ball Assembly Two Perpendiculare Mounting Holes, 15MM, Two Tapped Holes

The Caged Ball Chain Design provides lower friction and lower noise than traditional profile rail block designs. The benefit of a caged ball design prevents the bearings from incidental contact, which reduces friction, wear and noise.

Rotational Ball Chain:

  • Reduces noise
  • Higher speed in motion
  • Prolong service life
  • Prolong re-lubrication period

A uniquely patented ball chain design provides a flexible link between the block and bearings. This gives the ball chain enough space to rotate and move in the circulation channel and overcome the friction of the curvature. In addition, the space between upper and bottom parts have oil storage functions, increasing the re-lubrication interval and service life.

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Product NARC 15 MS Assembly
H [mm] 24
W2 [mm] 9.5
Short Caged Ball Block Two Perpendiculare Mounting Holes
(Runner Block) Details
Size [mm] 15
(Runner Block) Dimensions
W [mm] 34
L [mm] 40.4
L1 [mm] 26
h2 [mm] 20.7
P2 [mm] 26
M1 [mm] -
M × g2 M4 x 7
T [mm] 6
N1 M3 x 6.5
N2 M3 x 6
N3 [O-Ring Seal] P3
E [mm] 4.5
S1 [mm] 4.5
S2 [mm] 7.5
S3 [mm] 15.7
S4 [mm] 16.8
(Runner Block) Forces and Torques
Basic Load Ratings C [kN] 7.7
Basic Load Ratings C0 [kN] 12.1
Static Moment Ratings-Ma [N-m] 50.0
Static Moment Ratings-Mb [N-m] 50.0
Static Moment Ratings-Mc [N-m] 100.0
(Runner Block) Weight
Weight-Block [g] 96
Caged Ball Rail Top Mount
(Top Mount Rail) Details
Size [mm] 15
(Top Mount Rail) Dimensions
W1 [mm] 15
H1 [mm] 15
P [mm] 60
D [mm] 7.5
d1 [mm] 4.5
g1 [mm] 5.3
(Top Mount Rail) Weight
Weights-Rail [g/m] 1290.0
Caged Ball Rail Bottom Tapped Mount
(Bottom Mount Rail) Details
Size [mm] 15
(Bottom Mount Rail) Dimensions
W1 [mm] 15
H1 [mm] 15
P [mm] 60
M x g3 M5 x 8
(Bottom Mount Rail) Weight
Weights-Rail [g/m] 1290.0

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