NMR 12MN UZ Assembly

Miniature Profile Rail Systems, Standard Miniature Assembly Four Mounting Holes, 12MM, Standard Block, End Seal, Reinforcement Plate, Stainless Steel Botom Seal, and Lubrication Storage

Miniature Profile Rail Systems come pre-assembled with runner block and Rail. Options include hole caps, top or bottom mount rail, and various seals.

Precision - NMR Miniatrue linear guide series have three accuracy grades for design selection: Precision (P), High (H), Normal (N).

Material - Regardless of series, MR miniature linear guides use stainless steel processed material.

Unique Ball Re-circulation Desin The stainless steel ball re-circulation hole and channel constructs are fully sealed by plastic frame and end caps. The simple structure substantially reduces contact surface between steel ball and metal, thus reduces noise significantly. The lubrication oil storage embedded in the circulation channel significantly extends the re-lubricating interval, interval, extends life and reduces preventative maintenance.

Built-In Bottom Seal - Protects runner block from outside contaminants, facilitating dust-proof operation.

NMO Series Stainless Steel Reinforced PlatesRunner blocks are equipped with two stainless steel plates which reinforce the end-cap from end to end. This sturdier design supports higher running speeds. The plates can also function as scrapers to facilitate smooth travel.

Lubrication Storage Design - Lubricant injection holes are featured at both ends of the runner block. As the balls circulate during movement of the block, the stainless steel balls carry lubrication oil to the raceway, thus efficiently lubricating the balls and the oil raceway, and achieving long-term, maintenance-free linear motion. This design also provides superb lubricating ability for short stroke movement. A newly-invented embedded lubrication pad design provides a selection of options for machine design.

Seal Type
UZ = End Seal, Reinforcement Plate, Stainless Bottom Seal, Lubrication Storage

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Product NMR 12MN UZ Assembly
H [mm] 13
W2 [mm] 7.5
Standard Miniature Block Four Mounting Holes
(Runner Block) Details
Size [mm] 12
(Runner Block) Dimensions
W [mm] 27
L [mm] 36.8
L1 [mm] 22
h2 [mm] 11
P1 [mm] 15
P2 [mm] 20
M × g2 M3 × 3.5
Ø [mm] 1.3
S [mm] 3.2
T [mm] 4.3
(Runner Block) Forces and Torques
Basic Load Ratings C [N] 2308
Basic Load Ratings C0 [N] 3465
Static Moment Ratings-Ma [N-m] 12.9
Static Moment Ratings-Mb [N-m] 12.9
Static Moment Ratings-Mc [N-m] 21.5
(Runner Block) Weight
Weight-Block [g] 34
Standard Miniature Rail Top Mount
(Top Mount Rail) Details
Size [mm] 12
(Top Mount Rail) Dimensions
H [mm] 13
W1 [mm] 12
H1 [mm] 7.5
P [mm] 25
D [mm] 6
d1 [mm] 3.5
g1 [mm] 4.5
(Top Mount Rail) Weight
Weights-Rail [g/m] 602.0
Standard Miniature Rail Bottom Tapped Mount
(Bottom Mount Rail) Details
Size [mm] 12
(Bottom Mount Rail) Dimensions
H1 [mm] 7.5
W1 [mm] 12
P [mm] 25
M1 M4 x 0.7
(Bottom Mount Rail) Weight
Weights-Rail [g/m] 602.0

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