Metric Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jack, Upright Rotating, High Lead, 50 kN Capacity, 2:1 Gear Ratio

A Upright Rotating Screw Jack has a lift shaft that moves a nut as it turns. The lift shaft is fixed to the worm gear. This causes the load, which is attached to the travel nut, to move along the lift shaft. A Upright Roating Screw jacks has the lift shaft extending out the top of the jack.

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Product G2HL-BSJ-UR 2:1
Capacity [kN] 50
Gear Ratio 2:1
Raise for One Turn of Worm [mm] 5.00
Torque to Raise 1 kN [Nm] 1.06
Tare Drag Torque [Nm] 2.30
Lifting Screw Diameter [mm] 32
Screw Lead [mm] 10
BackDrive Holding Torque [Nm] 21.57
Performance Specifications
Maximum Input Torque [Nm] 175
Dynamic Load Ca [kN] 33.4
Base 0 Travel [kg] 15.90
Per 100mm of Travel [kg] 0.81
Grease [kg] 0.45

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