PA05-P 0750-0500 SRT RA V

Parallel Programmable Actuator, With Ball Screw, 0750-0500 SRT RA, Servo Motor

Parallel Ball Screw Drive Programmable Actuator

PA Actuator™ offers an expanded range of performance by providing higher loads, longer life, and increased duty cycles with higher speeds and programmability.

Servo Drive PA Actuators provide the precise, accurate and control many linear applications need today. The servo motor actuator can be fitted with a verity of gear reduction from 1.5:1 to 10:1.

PA Actuator Advantages

  • Rated for continuous duty.
  • Long service life.
  • Anti-rotation device integrated.
  • Quiet running performance.
  • Complete system from one source including motor, drive, controller, and power supply.
  • Ball screws are used on high-speed applications.

Performance Characteristics

  • High mechanical efficiency.
  • Strokes up to 24 in.
  • Repeatability ± 0.004 in. up to ± 0.001 in.
  • Toothed belt drive (for parallel motor mounting).
  • Standard motor and gearhead flanges for simplified selection. Optional motors are available at customer selection when specified.
  • IP54 (motor dependent)
  • IP65 (motor dependent)
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  • PA Torque Speed Curves
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Product PA05-P 0750-0500 SRT RA V
Screw 0750-0500 SRT RA
Ball Circle Diameter [in] 0.750
Screw Lead [in] 0.500
Performance Specifications
Lead Accuracy +/- [in/in] 0.004
Efficiency [%] >90
Ball Nut Max Velocity [in/min] 2000
Max Capacity [lb] 1000
Dynamic Load [lb] (Ball screw L10 life based on 1 mil. Inches of travel) 2723
L1 + Travel [in] 10.10
L2 + Travel [in] 8.83
A (w/out Reducer, No Brake) [in] 5.42
A (w/out Reducer, Brake) [in] 6.96
A (w/Reducer, No Brake) [in] 8.09
A (w/Reducer, Brake) [in] 9.62

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