MBN 6×1.25 RS Cylindrical Keyed

Miniature Metric Ball Screw Assembly, Cylindrical Single Nut with Keyway, 6x1.25 RS

Nook Industries is a leading producer of miniature ball screws, offering a wide variety of sizes and configurations, including cylindrical single nut ball screws. The miniature product line is supplied as a complete assembly form only. Screw ends can be machined to customer requirements in nearly any diameter and length configuration.

Some sizes of miniature ball screws are supplied with EZZE MOUNT™ bearing supports to make complete assemblies. Smaller size screw diameters can be enlarged by fitting a sleeve to the screw to allow mating with an EZZE MOUNT™.

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Product MBN 6×1.25 RS Cylindrical Keyed
Product Info
Nominal Rod Diameter [mm] 6.20
Material SS
Thread Direction RH
Lead [mm] 1.25
Active Turns 2
Nominal Ball Dia. [mm] 0.800
Ball Nut Number MBN10727
Nut Weight [g] 9.5
Screw Weight [g/m] 215
End Code for Types 1,2, and 3 5
End Code for Types 4 2
End Code for Types 6 -
End Code for Types 7 -
Performance Specifications
Dynamic Load Ca [N] 258
Static Load [N] 253
Linear Speed (Based on DN Values) [mm/min] 14600
Forces and Torques
Torque to Raise 1 kN [N·m] 0.221
Screw Dimensions
A [mm] 6.20
B [mm] 5.6
Nut Dimensions
C [mm] 13.0
H [mm] 17.2
E [mm] 8.6
F [mm] 2.0
G [mm] 1.20

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