Precision Metric Ball Screw Assembly, Single Nut with Flange, 12 x 5 RA

Nook Industries has always been a leader in developing high quality linear motion components and systems to meet the ever increasing demand for precision linear motion. Precision-rolled ball screws have long been a hallmark of Nook Industries, and the latest innovations from Nook Industries are Precision Metric Ball Screws (PMBS™). A precision metric ball screw assembly is manufactured in the United States to meet the increasing demand for metric ball screws in the global market.

Mounting dimensions per DIN69 051 part 5 Type c.


  • Utilizing precision thread-rolling technology
  • Wide range of diameters and leads
  • T3, T5, T7, and T10 lead accuracy per ISO 3408-3
  • DIN-style flanges
  • Preloaded and clearance nuts
  • State-of-the-art ball return mechanisms
  • Integral wipers

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Product MBN12x5R-3FW
Product Info
Nominal Rod Diameter [mm] 12
Material Alloy
Thread Direction RH
Lead [mm] 5
Active Turns 3
Nominal Ball Dia. [mm] 3.175
Screw Weight [kg/m] 0.64
Nut Weight [kg] 0.09
Lube Hole Locaton -
End Code for Types 1,2, and 3 8
End Code for Types 4 4
End Code for Types 5 -
End Code for Types 6 8
End Code for Types 7 6
Performance Specifications
Dynamic Load Ca [N] 6850
Static Load [N] 8830
Linear Speed (Based on DN Values) [mm/min] 29200
Screw Dimensions
d0 [mm] 12
d1 [mm] 11.33
d2 [mm] 8.72
Nut Dimensions
D1 (g6) [mm] 26
L [mm] 36
L1 [mm] -
Lx [mm] 22.5
Lz [mm] 2.5
L3 (min) [mm] -
L7 [mm] 8
L8 [mm] 26
D4 [mm] 32
D5 [mm] 4 × 4.5
D6 [mm] 40

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