212-24-LXX/152 RA

Driven Inch Linear Slide System, With Integrated End Support Blocks, 212-24, 1 1/2-2 Acme Screw Driven

Nook Series 200 slide systems are assembled slides which include:

  • Linear bearing pillow blocks
  • Integrated end supports
  • HG linear shafts
  • Carriage Plate
  • Nook Acme Screw Assembly

Many options are available for these slide systems. Different screw styles and leads, protective boots, special motor mounts and custom carriage plate machining is available. Contact Nook Industries, Inc. for assistance.

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Product 212-24-LXX/152 RA
Product Info
Nominal Shaft Diameter [in] 1.50
Screw Type Acme
Screw Size 1 1/2-2
A +/-0.003 [in] 5.000
A1 [in] 4.97
B [in] 13.00
C [in] 10.75
D [in] 8.00
E [in] 2.50
F [in] 2.80
H +/-0.010 [in] 1.500
K +/-0.010 [in] 12.000
M - Bolt 5/16
M - Hole [in] 0.34
N [in] 13.00
P [in] 13.00
S [in] 10.00
U [in] 8.00
V 1/2-13
W [in] 0.75
X [in] 2.32
Y [in] 0.750
Z 1.14 x .188
A2 [in] 1.657
Minimum L Dimension TRAVEL + [in] 18.6
Performance specifications
Load Maximum System [lbf] 5504

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