CCT58-A8 C

T Mounted CC Series Compact Cylinder, Acme Screw Driven, 36 VDC with a 58:1 Gear Ratio

Nook Industries CC™ Actuators are a combination of an electric motor and an acme screw. They are designed to be ready to install directly into any industrial or commercial application. They are ideally suited for any OEM application where linear motion is needed.

T-Mount configuration is designed with two actuating cylinders that work in opposing directions. Both actuator rods are connected to the same motor and gearbox providing a uniform synchronized motion in the opposite direction.

These high-quality actuators feature

  • Durable construction
  • Dependable performance
  • Long-life operation
  • High repeatability
  • Operation in either compression or tension loading applications
  • Adjustable limit switches
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Mechanical overload protection
  • Corrosion resistant exterior surfaces
  • Duty Cycle 25% max "on-time" of 5 minutes at rated load.
  • Operating temperature range is -30°F to +160°F
  • Environmental Protection Class - IP54

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Product CCT58-A8 C
Product Info
Screw Type Acme Screw
Screw Size 5/8-5 RA
Voltage 36 VDC
Gear Ratio 58:1
Load Capacity [lb] 750
Speed [in/sec] 0.2
Amps 5
Trunnion -Trunnion [in] 13.5
Performance Specifications
Duty Cycle [% of 5 Minutes] 25
Protection Class IP54
Maximum Temperature Range [F°] 160
Minimum Temperature Range [F°] -30

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