QSZE 100

Modular Linear Actuator, Internal Profile Rail Guided, Belt Driven, Stainless Steel Cover, Model QSZE, 100

Similar to the QSZ, the QSZE is driven by an trapped linear belt that can be adjusted to reduce lash and is driven along a single internal profile rail. This unit consists of a square aluminium profile with an integrated roller guide and is covered by a stainless steel sheet (thickness 0.37mm, material 1.4301). The pulleys have maintenance-free ball bearings. Belt tension can be readjusted by a simple screw adjustment device in the carriage.

The QSZE is ideal for applications in clean rooms with a clean-room classifications of 1.000 (corresponding to US Fed. Standard 209 E).

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Product QSZE 100
Size 100
Belt 8M50
mm/Rev 224
Number of Teeth 28
Pully Diameter [mm] 71.3
Basic Length L [mm] 504
A [mm] 101
B [mm] 100
C [mm] 66
D [mm] 62
E [mm] 101
F [mm] 62
F2 [mm] 58
G [mm] 130
M M10
N M10
P [mm] 107
Q [mm] 268
T M10
X [mm] 40.0
Y [mm] 54
Shaft Diameter and Length [mm] 22 x 45
Key 6x6x40
Speed Maximum [m/s] 5
Forces and Torques
No-load torque [Nm] 1.8
Fx [N] 10000 km 3800
Fy [N] 10000 km 2900
Fz [N] 10000 km 7270
Mx [Nm] 10000 km 101
My [Nm] 10000 km 311
Mz [Nm] 10000 km 292
Fx [N] 5000 km 4000
Fy [N] 5000 km 4080
Fz [N] 5000 km 10300
Mx [Nm] 5000 km 142
My [Nm] 5000 km 439
Mz [Nm] 5000 km 412
Tensile force 0.2 sec [N] 4300
Tensile force permanent [N] 4000
Geometrical moments of inertia of aluminum profile
Elastic modulus [N/mm2] 70000
lx [mm4] 4300000
ly [mm4] 4880000
Additional Weight per 100 mm [kg] 1.77
Basic Weight [kg] 15.9

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