PowerTrac SRT 6000 - 1000 RH

Inch Ball Screw, Standard Accuracy Rolled, SRT, 6.000" Ball Circle Diameter, 1.000" Lead, RH Thread

SRT – Standard Rolled Thread (sometimes referred to as commercial or transport type) ball screws offer the low friction advantage of antifriction screws at lower cost. They are capable of higher speeds and longer predictable life when compared to similar acme type lead screws.

SRT Ball Screws are manufactured from the same high quality materials and produced following the same ISO certified procedures as higher precision screws. Most SRT screws are rolled, induction heat treated and black oxide coated. Three sizes are also available in 17-4 PH stainless steel.

For convenience SRT screws can be supplied completely machined and assembled with nuts, flanges, wipers and EZZE-MOUNTS ready for assembly to your product. Should a standard assembly not fit the application, Nook can machine the screw to your specific design requirements.

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Product PowerTrac SRT 6000 - 1000 RH
Product Info
Screw Code 6000-1000 SRT RA
Precision SRT
Screw Material 4150
Thread Direction RH
Ball Circle Diameter [in] 6.000
Lead [in] 1.000
Root Diameter [in] 5.232
End Code for Types 1,2,3,5 [* Journals may show tracings of the thread] n/a
End Code for Type 4 [* Journals may show tracings of the thread] n/a
Performance Specifications
Lead Accuracy +/- [in./ft.] 0.0080
Part Numbers
2 ft. Part Number
4 ft. Part Number
6 ft. Part Number
8 ft. Part Number
12 ft. Part Number
16 ft. Part Number
20 ft. Part Number
Screw Weight [lb./ft.] 34.40

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