Modular Linear Actuator, External Roller Bearing Guided, Internal Belt Driven, Model ELVZ, Single Carriage, Wrap Around Carriage, 80S

The carriage is driven by an internal linear belt with a vertical drive mount that can be adjusted to reduce lash and is driven along the external roller bearings. The pulleys have maintenance-free ball bearings. Belt tension can be readjusted by a simple screw adjustment device in the carriage.

Since the ELVZ has an internal belt the unit is suitable for applications in clean rooms for clean-room classifications 1.000 (US Standard 209E).

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Product ELVZ 80S WAC
Size 80S
Belt 5M25
mm/Rev 110
Number of Teeth 22
Basic Length L [mm] 415
A [mm] 190
B [mm] 126
C [mm] 102
D [mm] 80x1
E [mm] 40
F [mm] 88
G [mm] 12.5
H [mm] 30
J [mm] 71
K [mm] 122
NN M10
P [mm] 90
Q [mm] 234
T [mm] 8.5
U [mm] 38
V [mm] 47
W [mm] 18
X [mm] 40
Y [mm] 50
Z M8
Shaft Diameter and Length [mm] 18 x 45
Key 6x6x40
Speed Maximum [m/s] 4
Forces and Torques
No-load torque [Nm] 1.2
Tensile force 0.2 sec [N] 1150
Tensile force permanent [N] 100
Fx dynamic [N] 840
Fy dynamic [N] 3600
Fz dynamic [N] 1800
Mx dynamic [Nm] 140
My dynamic [Nm] 230
Mz dynamic [Nm] 200
Fx static [N] 1000
Fy static [N] 4600
Fz static [N] 3000
Mx static [Nm] 170
My static [Nm] 270
Mz static [Nm] 300
Geometrical moments of inertia of aluminum profile
Elastic modulus [N/mm2] 70000
lx [mm4] 1899000
ly [mm4] 1897000
Additional Weight per 100 mm [kg] 1.00
Basic Weight [kg] 11
Values for Calulating Inertias
Pulley Material Steel
Pulley Diameter [mm] 35.01
Effective Pulley Width [mm] 102
Belt Weight [kg/m] 0.256
Standard Carriage Weight [kg] 7.04
No-load torque [Nm] 1.2
Friction Coefficient 0.01

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