ELFZ 125 Extended Carriage

Modular Linear Actuator, External Roller Bearing Guided, External Belt Driven, Model ELFZ, Extended Carriage, 125

The ELFZex is a carriage driven actuator with single fixed belt. Beacuase the single belt wraps around with both ends and is fixed to the carriage, a larger capacity can be realized.

Like the ELFZ, the ELFZex Actuator is suitable for use according to the intended purpose in potentially explosive areas (see ATEX 95 marking). An operating manual is included in the scope of delivery. The system is certified for the following areas:

ATEX 95 II 2G EEx c IIB T4:

All application areas except for underground mining. Gas atmosphere category 2, explosion protection category: protection due to secure construction (design security). Equipment group IIB. Temperature class T4=135°C

ATEX 95 II 3D T125°C:

All application areas except for underground mining. Dust atmosphere category 3. Maximum permissible surface temperature: 125°C.

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Product ELFZ 125 Extended Carriage
Size 125
Belt 8M100
mm/Rev 152
Number of Teeth 38
Basic Length L [mm] 830
A [mm] 295
B [mm] 62
C [mm] 200
D [mm] 110
E [mm] 180
F [mm] 100
G [mm] 139
H [mm] 180
I [mm] 30
J [mm] 107.5
K [mm] 215
M M12
MM M10
N [mm] 310
OO [mm] M12
P [mm] 92
Q [mm] 640
R [mm] 12x8x50
S [mm] 40x55
T M10
U [mm] 186
V [mm] 89
Shaft Diameter and Length [mm] 40 x 55
Key 12x8x50
Speed Maximum [m/s] 4
Forces and Torques
Drive Torque Maximum [Nm] 500
No-load torque [Nm] 2
Mz dynamic [Nm] 2300
Mz static [Nm] 2700
Fx dynamic [N] 10400
Fy dynamic [N] 18000
Fz dynamic [N] 9000
Mx dynamic [Nm] 900
My dynamic [Nm] 1200
Fx static [N] 12000
Fy static [N] 24000
Fz static [N] 12000
Mx static [Nm] 1200
My static [Nm] 1500
Geometrical moments of inertia of aluminum profile
Elastic modulus [N/mm2] 70000
lx [mm4] 10150000
ly [mm4] 10150000
Additional Weight per 100 mm [kg] 2.70
Basic Weight [kg] 87.5
Values for Calulating Inertias
Pulley Material - Drive Pulley (x5) Aluminum
Pulley Material - Idler Pulleys (x2) Plastic
Pulley Diameter [mm] 96.77
Effective Pulley Width [mm] 180
Belt Weight [kg/m] 0.480
Standard Carriage Weight [kg] 59.25
No-load torque [Nm] 2.0
Friction Coefficient 0.01

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