NU55ER Assembly

Metric Profile Rail SystemMetric Profile Rail, Compact, Metric Runner Block, Heavy Load, Compact Type, 4 Tapped Holes, 55mm

Compact Profile Rail Assemblies have the same benefits as the Standard Height Rail and are specifically designed with matching the runner block to the ground rail. This combinations provides unique benefits.

Smooth Operation at Both High and Low Speeds

  • Precision ground full radius ball tracks provide smooth ball circulation and reduced friction.
  • The unique ball recirculation design permits stable, high speed travel.


  • High quality materials are hardened by an advanced heat treatment system resulting in increased durability and performance.
  • Direct lubrication to ball grooves through a grease fitting insures adequate lubrication. The one-piece seal design retains lubricant and effectively protects against contamination.
  • Full radius ball raceways self-align to help absorb small mounting errors and distributes related stresses evenly.
  • The Nook Profile Rail design has been extensively tested to insure long reliable life.

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Product NU55ER Assembly
H [mm] 68
H1 [mm] 12
N [mm] 26.0
Metric Profile Rail
(Rail) Details
Size [mm] 55
Type Compact
(Rail) Dimensions
d2 [mm] 20
d3 [mm] 14
h [mm] 25
H4 [mm] 46
F [mm] 120
W [mm] 53
Maximum Length [mm] 3000
(Rail) Weight
Weights-Rail [kg/m] 16.5
Metric Runner Block, Heavy Load, Compact Type, 4 Tapped Holes
(Runner Block) Details
Size [mm] 55
(Runner Block) Dimensions
L1 [mm] 168
L2 [mm] 124
L3 [mm] 75
L4 [mm] 14
H3 [mm] 18
M1 x l M12X18
W1 [mm] 100
W2 [mm] 75
W3 [mm] 12.5
(Runner Block) Forces and Torques
Basic Load Ratings C [kN] 89.53
Basic Load Ratings C [lbf] 20132
Basic Load Ratings C0 [kN] 137.09
Basic Load Ratings C0 [lbf] 30811
Static Moment Ratings-Ma [kN-m] 2.22
Static Moment Ratings-Ma [lb-in] 19617
Static Moment Ratings-Mb [kN-m] 2.22
Static Moment Ratings-Mb [lb-in] 19617
Static Moment Ratings-Mc [kN-m] 3.95
Static Moment Ratings-Mc [lb-in] 34980
(Runner Block) Weight
Weight-Block [kg] 3.30
(Runner Block) Grease Fitting
Grease Fitting Part Number B-PT 1/8

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