PowerTorq 0625-6-0187 HPR8943

Inch High Performance Ball Spline Assembly, 5/8" Nominal Size, 3/16" Nominal Ball Diameter, 6 Active Circuits

The PowerTorq™ Ball Spline assembly uses rolling elements to carry a load similar to an anti-friction (ball) bearing. These elements do not wear when properly lubricated during normal use. The closed path that the bearing balls follow through the outer race is referred to as a circuit. The number of potential circuits varies with the diameter of the spline shaft. When a circuit is loaded with bearing balls, it is referred to as an "active circuit".

PowerTorq™ inner races are made of high quality 4150 alloy steel, induction hardened to Rc 56-60. PowerTorq™ outer races are made of hardened steel with ball tracks heat treated to Rc 56-60. PowerTorq™ ball spline inner and outer races are protected with a black oxide finish.

PowerTorq™ Ball Splines are straight within .010 in/ft when shipped from the factory, and do not exceed .030 inch in any 6 foot section. Twist is limited to .015 in/ft at the ball circle diameter.

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Product PowerTorq 0625-6-0187 HPR8943
Inch Ball Spline Inner Race
(Inch Ball Spline Inner Race(1)) Product Info
Nominal Diameter [in] 0.625
(Inch Ball Spline Inner Race(1)) Details
Active Circuits 6
Root Diameter [in] 4.25
(Inch Ball Spline Inner Race(1)) Part Numbers
12 ft. Part Number
2 ft. Part Number
4 ft. Part Number SRR7548
6 ft. Part Number
8 ft. Part Number
(Inch Ball Spline Inner Race(1)) Weight
Inner Race Weight [lb./ft.] 1.4
Inch High Performance Ball Spline Outer Race
(Inch High Performance Ball Spline Outer Race(2)) Product Info
Part Number HPR8943
Nominal Diameter [in] 0.625
(Inch High Performance Ball Spline Outer Race(2)) Details
Active Circuits 6
Nominal Ball Diameter [in] 0.188
Optional Keyway 1/4x1/8x1.125
Ball Return Cast
Balls per Outer Race 120
(Inch High Performance Ball Spline Outer Race(2)) Weight
Outer Race Weight [lb] 0.98
(Inch High Performance Ball Spline Outer Race(2)) Performance Specifications
Dynamic Torque [in-lb] 1770
Static Torque [in-lb] 3540

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