NRS SF 2W 27x8 w/Wiper

Metric Planetary Roller Screw Assembly, with Split Flanged Nut and Wipers, 27x8


Split nuts are installed with two halves pushed against each other and the clearance removed for preload. Due to the large number of contacts and great rigidity, a planetary roller screw does not require high preload amounts to perform backlash-free in most application conditions. Split nuts only carry load on a reduced length of thread (half-length minus the half-thickness of the calibrated spacer).


NRS planetary roller screws are made of high strength materials. The screw shaft is made of medium carbon induction hardenable alloy steel. The rollers and nut are manufactured from high grade bearing steel. All rolling surfaces are heat treated to a surface hardness not less than 56 HRC with a case depth suitably chosen to carry the load. Other materials, such as stainless steel, can be provided upon request.

Reduced load ratings should be considered when designing stainless steel roller screws.

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Product NRS SF 2W 27x8 w/Wiper
Product Info
Nominal Rod Diameter [mm] 27
Lead [mm] 8
End Code for Types 1,2,3,5 [* Journals may show tracings of the thread] 25
D1 [mm] 53
D4 [mm] 68
D6 [mm] 83
D7 M6
D8 [mm] 35
L1 [mm] 69
L2 [mm] 69
L3 [mm] 22
L4 [mm] 23.5
n x D5 6x7
Performance Specifications
Dynamic Load Ratings Ca [kN] 25.36
Static Load Ratings Coa [kN] 49.63

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