Type 5N, End Code 60

End Machining, Heavy Duty Journal Typically Used With High Capacity Fixed Support, Non-Driven Support End, End Code 60

Specifying standard machined ends results in quicker deliveries. The machined ends shown below represent designs that are compatible with common application requirements a fixed bearing arrangments. Included in the chart are the locknut and lockwasher identification. These standard ends may be machined and ground to finish size.


A Type 5K, L, or N end is required for EZRF Fixed Bearing Supports EZZEMOUNT™.

Product Type 5N, End Code 60
Product Info
Nominal Bearing Journal Size [mm] 60
B [mm] 202
D Maximum [mm] 60.012
D Minimum [mm] 59.993
E [mm] 171
K [mm] 75
L [mm] 16
Lock Nut SFZ 60X2