Type 5K, End Code 60

End Machining, Heavy Duty Journal Typically Used With High Capacity Fixed Support, Driven Support End, With Keyway, End Code 60

Specifying standard machined ends results in quicker deliveries. The machined ends shown below represent designs that are compatible with common application requirements a fixed bearing arrangments. Included in the chart are the locknut and lockwasher identification. These standard ends may be machined and ground to finish size.


A Type 5K, L, or N end is required for EZRF Fixed Bearing Supports EZZEMOUNT™.

Product Type 5K, End Code 60
Product Info
Nominal Bearing Journal Size [mm] 60
A [mm] 291
B [mm] 202
C Maximum [mm] 55
C Minimum [mm] 54.97
D Maximum [mm] 60.012
D Minimum [mm] 59.993
E [mm] 171
F [mm] 16
G [mm] 71
H [mm] 6
K [mm] 75
L [mm] 16
Lock Nut SFZ 60X2