Flanged Single Bearing Support, 9mm

Flanged Single Bearing Mounts use a single radial bearing, which supports the linear screw radially. Flanged Single Bearing Mounts are ideal for most mounting applications and allow the linear screw to flex naturally maximizing the life of the travel nut and screw.

Flanged Single Bearing Mounts require use with either the Double Bearing or the High Capacity Fixed Bearing Mounts. Flanged Bearing Mounts are mounted using the back face and come with a machined piloted surface for ease of mounting and alignment.

The Flanged Single Bearing Mounts are mounted using the Type 1N - No Shaft Extension end machining

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Product EZZE-MOUNT EZF-4009
Product Info
Part Number EZF-4009
Machined End Code 9
Nominal Bearing Journal Size [mm] 9
A [in] 2.00
B - Diameter [in] 2.60
C Bolt Circle [in] 2.000
C'Bore [in] 0.44
D Thru [in] 0.266
G [in] 1.00
J [in] 0.44
L Maximum [in] 1.4957
L Minimum [in] 1.4951
M [in] 0.188
Q [in] 0.13
Weight [lb] 0.70