Bronze Trapezoidal Nut 20906

Trapezoidal Lead Nut, Bronze, Tr 55 x 12, RH

Bronze Trapezodial Nut

Special high tensile bronze is selected for our smooth running, anti-wedging bronze nuts.
  • Material: Nook Bronze
  • Tensile Yield: 50,000 psi
  • Tensile Ultimate: 65,000 psi
  • Hardness: HB75
  • Dynamic co-efficient of friction: 0.125 with Nook Lubricant

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Product Bronze Trapezoidal Nut 20906
Product Info
Part Number 20906
Thread Direction RH
Type Bronze
Diameter 55
Lead [mm] 12
Starts 1
Pitch [mm] 12
Lash (Maximum Axial in) [mm] 0.42
Nominal Rod Diameter 55
Thread Code 906
B [mm] 75.0
C [mm] 80.0
E [mm] 25.00
F (n) Dia. [mm] (4) 17.00
F BCD [mm] 112.00
G [mm] 26.0
H [mm] 142.0
J [mm] M72x2
Forces and Torques
Torque to Raise 1 kN [Nm] 5.131
Flange Part Numbers
Flange Part Number 72006
Flange Weight [kg] 2.20
Nut Weight [g] 1900
Performance Specifications
Efficiency [%] 37
Lead Accuracy +/- [μm/25mm] 6.25
Dynamic Load Capacity [N] 104287
Static Load Capacity [N] 333718

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