ActionJac 35-MSJ-UK 32:1

Inch Worm Gear Machine Screw Jack, Upright Keyed, 35 Ton Capacity, 32:1 Gear Ratio

A Keyed Machine Screw Jack has a keyway machined along the length of the lifting screw. A matching key is fastened to the cover of the jack which will eliminate lift shaft rotation. The keyway in the screw causes greater than normal wear on the internal drive sleeve threads, somewhat reducing jack life.

A Uprighted translating jack has a lifting shaft that moves through the gear box. The lift shaft extends out from the top of the worm screw jack. A nut is integrated with the worm gear such that the worm gear and nut rotate together. When the lift shaft is held to prevent rotation, the lift shaft will move linearly through the gear box to move the load.

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Product ActionJac 35-MSJ-UK 32:1
Capacity [Ton] 35
Gear Ratio 32:1
Turns of Worm per Inch Travel 48
Torque to Raise 1 lb. [in-lb] 0.0295
Lifting Screw Diameter [in] 3.75
Screw Lead [in] 0.667
Root Diameter [in] 3.009
Tare Drag Torque [in-lb] 50
Performance Specifications
Maximum Allowable Input [hp] 3.50
Maximum Input Torque [in-lb] 1800
Maximum Worm Speed at Rated Load [rpm] 107
Maximum Load at 1750 RPM [lb] 4273
Starting Torque 2 x Running Torque
Base 0 Travel [lb] 145
Per Inch of Travel [lb] 3.40
Grease [lb] 3.5

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