ActionJac 35AB-MSJ-I 10 2/3:1

Inch Worm Gear Machine Screw Jack, Inverted Anti-Backlash, 35 Ton Capacity, 10 2/3:1 Gear Ratio

Anti-backlash Machine Screw Jacks are used wherever reversible load conditions require precision positioning control. Adjustable backlash Machine Screw Jack models are available to reduce backlash to approximately 0.003".

An Anti-backlash Machine Screw Jack allows the lash between the drive sleeve thread and the lifting screw thread to be controlled by adjusting the top cover of the jack. The anti-backlash jack design has an upper drive sleeve and a lower drive sleeve. Adjustment of the cover changes the relative distance between the drive sleeves. This change in distance compensates for any lash. Because the drive sleeve is split, the life of an Anti-backlash Machine Screw Jack will be less.

Anti-backlash Machine Screw Jacks minimize backlash, but should not be used to completely eliminate backlash. While it may be desirable to totally eliminate backlash, the result would be a lock-up of lifting shaft and drive sleeve.

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Product ActionJac 35AB-MSJ-I 10 2/3:1
Capacity [Ton] 35
Gear Ratio 10 2/3:1
Turns of Worm per Inch Travel 16
Torque to Raise 1 lb. [in-lb] 0.0493
Lifting Screw Diameter [in] 3.75
Screw Lead [in] 0.667
Root Diameter [in] 3.009
Tare Drag Torque [in-lb] 50
Performance Specifications
Maximum Allowable Input [hp] 11.00
Maximum Input Torque [in-lb] 3450
Maximum Worm Speed at Rated Load [rpm] 200
Maximum Load at 1750 RPM [lb] 8035
Starting Torque 2 x Running Torque
Base 0 Travel [lb] 145
Per Inch of Travel [lb] 3.40
Grease [lb] 3.5

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