ActionJac 10HL-BSJ-DC 8:1

Inch Worm Gear Ball Screw Jack, Double Clevis, 10 Ton Capacity, 8:1 Gear Ratio, Screw Lead 1"

Double Clevis Jacks are used when it is necessary to move a load through an arc, such as tracking antennas, hinged doors or air dampers. One clevis is mounted on the end of the lift shaft and the other clevis is welded to a heavy duty stem cover, which is welded to the housing. Depending on size, Double clevis designs are available with optional accessories such as boots, motor mounts, right-angle reducers, motors, encoders and rotary limit switches.


Mounting hardware for double clevis jacks should be specified as heat treated alloy steel clevis pins with at least 100,000 psi ultimate tensile strength.

Double clevis jacks used horizontally will have reduced column strength and life. For most horizontal applications, Nook recommends the use of an Electric Cylinder (contact Nook Engineering for more information).

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Product ActionJac 10HL-BSJ-DC 8:1
Capacity [Ton] 10
Gear Ratio 8:1
Turns of Worm per Inch Travel 8
Torque to Raise 1 lb. [in-lb] 0.0319
Torque to Raise 1 lb. Keyed [in-lb] 0.0351
Lifting Screw Diameter [in] 1.50
Screw Lead [in] 1.000
Root Diameter [in] 1.140
BackDrive Holding Torque [ft-lb] 26.0
Tare Drag Torque [in-lb] 20
Performance Specifications
Maximum Allowable Input [hp] 5.00
Maximum Input Torque [in-lb] 638
Maximum Worm Speed at Rated Load Non-keyed [rpm] 494
Maximum Worm Speed at Rated Load Keyed [rpm] 449
Maximum Load at 1750 RPM Non-keyed [lb] 5645
Maximum Load at 1750 RPM Keyed [lb] 5132
Starting Torque 1.5 x Running Torque
Base 0 Travel [lb] 50
Per Inch of Travel [lb] 0.80
Grease [lb] 1.5

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