Modular Linear Actuator, Internal Profile Rail Guided, Belt Driven, Model QSSZ, 80

The carriage is driven by a trapped linear belt that can be adjusted to reduce lash and is driven along a single internal profile rail. The pulleys have maintenance-free ball bearings. Belt tension can be readjusted by a simple screw adjustment device in the extrusion.

The QSSZ is a carriage driven actuator with single fixed belt, and is ideal when full extension and reation is needed.

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Product QSSZ 80
Size 80
Belt 5M25
mm/Rev 130
Number of Teeth 26
Pully Diameter [mm] 41.4
Basic Length L [mm] 200
A [mm] 106
B [mm] 80
D [mm] 47
E [mm] 80
F [mm] 42
G [mm] 80
J [mm] 8
K [mm] 169
N M6
P [mm] 24
Q [mm] 144
T M6
X [mm] 130
Y [mm] 30
Shaft Diameter and Length [mm] 14 x 35
Key 5x5x28
Speed Maximum [m/s] 5
Forces and Torques
No-load torque [Nm] 1.4
Fx [N] 10000 km 800
Fy [N] 10000 km 450
Fz [N] 10000 km 3933
Mx [Nm] 10000 km 33
My [Nm] 10000 km 222
Mz [Nm] 10000 km 210
Fx [N] 5000 km 894
Fy [N] 5000 km 567
Fz [N] 5000 km 4955
Mx [Nm] 5000 km 41
My [Nm] 5000 km 310
Mz [Nm] 5000 km 296
Tensile force 0.2 sec [N] 1000
Tensile force permanent [N] 900
Geometrical moments of inertia of aluminum profile
Elastic modulus [N/mm2] 70000
lx [mm4] 1650000
ly [mm4] 1870000
Additional Weight per 100 mm [kg] 1.02
Basic Weight [kg] 5.7

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