ELT 80

Modular Linear Actuator, External Roller Bearing Guided, Acme Screw Driven, Model ELT, Single Carriage, 80

The carriage, which is driven by means of a acme screw, moves along the unit guided by hardened steel guide rods on the outside of the actuator that are adjustable to reduce lash. The linear opening of the unit is sealed with a stainless steel cover band to make the unit splash-proof and dust-tight.

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Product ELT 80
Size 80
Screw Options 28x5/28x10
Screw Type Trapezoidal
Basic Length L [mm] 285
A [mm] 170
B [mm] 117
C [mm] 102
D [mm] 80x1
E [mm] 40
F [mm] 88
G [mm] 10
H [mm] 30
J [mm] 70
K [mm] 121
NN M10
OO M10
P [mm] 45
Q [mm] 194
R [mm] 6x6x40
S Diameter x Length [mm] 18x45
T-Diameter [mm] 8.5
Forces and Torques
No-load torque [Nm 0.8
Fx dynamic [N] 4000
Fy dynamic [N] 2000
Fz dynamic [N] 1100
Mx dynamic [Nm] 55
My dynamic [Nm] 80
Mz dynamic [Nm] 120
Fx static [N] 5000
Fy static [N] 3000
Fz static [N] 1700
Mx static [Nm] 90
My static [Nm] 110
Mz static [Nm] 150
Geometrical moments of inertia of aluminum profile
Elastic modulus [N/mm2] 70000
lx [mm4] 1899000
ly [mm4] 1897000
Additional Weight per 100 mm [kg] 1.48
Basic Weight [kg] 10.0

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