Excel TEP-08

Pillow Block, Inch, Twin, Closed, 1/2"


Nook Pillow Blocks simplify mounting of Nook Linear Bearings. They are available with EXCELâ„¢ Bearings to fit shafts from 1/4 to 2 inch and 10 to 50mm. Nook Pillow Blocks provide the precision bearing bores necessary for linear bearing installation.

  • Closed Excel™ bearing Pillow Blocks are designed for use on end supported PowerTrax™ HG "L" shafting.
  • Pillow Blocks are sealed at both ends.
  • Twin Pillow Blocks use two Closed Excel™ bearings for larger capacities.

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Product Excel TEP-08
Product Info
Nominal Shaft Diameter [in] 12
Part Number TEP-08
A +/-0.001 [in] 0.687
B [in] 2
C [in] 3 12
D [in] 1 14
E +/-0.005 [in] 1.688
F +/-0.005 [in] 2.500
G [in] 1 38
J [in] 14
K [in] 1 18
H - Bolt #6
H - Hole [in] 0.17
Weight [lb] 0.4
Performance Specifications
Dynamic Load Maximum [lb] 350
Dynamic Load Normal [lb] 304
Static Load Maximum [lb] 316
Static Load Normal [lb] 224

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