Programmable Actuators

Programmable Actuators

Nook Industries Programmable Actuators are ruggedly designed for continuous duty and a long service life. They incorporate a direct drive or toothed belt drive for high mechanical efficiency that allows for a quiet running performance. Programmable actuators are supplied with either a ball screw or acme screw, and either a servo or stepper drive system.

Nook Industries can provide a complete system from one source including motor, drive, controller, and power supply.

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Ball Screw Driven   Acme Screw Driven  

Ball Screw Driven

Nook Industries ball screws are made of high strength materials. The screw shaft is made of medium carbon induction hardenable alloy steel. Ball nuts are manufactured from high grade bearing steel. Both the ball screw and nuts are heat-treated to a surface hardness not less than 56 HRC with a case depth suitably chosen to carry the load.

Acme Screw Driven

PowerAc™ Acme screws are made form 4140 Alloy steel with a black oxide finish with a 2C (Centralizing) thread form. Nook acme nut material has been selected for low friction, minimum wear, long life, and clean operations.