Planetary Roller Screw Products

Planetary Roller Screw Products

Nook Planetary Roller Screws (NRS), a member of the lead screw family, are remarkable devices designed to convert rotary motion into axial force or vice versa.

The NRS design offers multiple advantages and reliability for the most demanding applications when compared with other lead screw types due to its rolling motion. NRS offers high efficiency even in relatively shallow lead designs. The multitude of contact points of the planetary rollers can carry large loads and provide very high resolution (small axial movement) when using very shallow leads. These planetary roller screws produce high rotational speeds with faster acceleration without adverse effects.

NRS planetary roller screws shown in the following pages cover a large spectrum of possibilities and application demands. Nook engineers are at your disposal to suggest the suitable product for your application requirements.

NRS Planetary Roller Screws Are Used In:

  • Aerospace & Outer Space Applications
  • Machine Tools
  • Measuring Equipment
  • Positioning Systems
  • Optical Equipment
  • Photography Equipment
  • Ordnance
  • High Force Actuators
  • Plastic Machinery
  • Transportation (Train Tilt Mechanisms)

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