QSSZ Features

The carriage is driven by a trapped linear belt that can be adjusted to reduce lash and is driven along a single internal profile rail. The pulleys have maintenance-free ball bearings. Belt tension can be readjusted by a simple screw adjustment device in the extrusion.

The QSSZ is a belt driven actuator with single fixed belt, and is ideal when full extension and retraction is needed.

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Details Speed Forces and Torques
Product Size Speed Maximum [m/s] Fx [N] 10000 km Fy [N] 10000 km Fz [N] 10000 km Mx [Nm] 10000 km My [Nm] 10000 km Mz [Nm] 10000 km Fx [N] 5000 km Fy [N] 5000 km Fz [N] 5000 km Mx [Nm] 5000 km My [Nm] 5000 km Mz [Nm] 5000 km
  80 5 800 450 3933 33 222 210 894 567 4955 41 310 296