Inch Ball Spline Outer Race Features

The PowerTorq™ Outer Race use of rolling elements resulting in a low coefficient of friction. The closed path that the bearing balls follow through the outer race is referred to as a circuit. The number of potential circuits varies with the diameter of the spline shaft. When a circuit is loaded with bearing balls, it is referred to as an “active circuit”. PowerTorq™ Ball Splines may have three or six active circuits.

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Product Info Details Performance Specifications
Product Nominal Diameter [in] Active Circuits Optional Keyway Ball Return Dynamic Torque [in-lb] Static Torque [in-lb]
PowerTorq HPR6900
  0.375 3 3/16x3/32x1.00 Cast 200 626
PowerTorq HPR8943
  0.625 6 1/4x1/8x1.125 Cast 1770 3540
PowerTorq HPR8944
  1.000 6 1/4x1/8x1.625 Cast 2600 7800
PowerTorq HPR8945
  1.500 6 3/8x3/16x2.00 Cast 8400 23170
PowerTorq SOR8945
  1.500 6 3/8x3/16x2.00 Stamped 8400 23170
PowerTorq HPR8946
  2.000 6 1/2x7/32x2.50 Cast 16000 40270
PowerTorq HPR8947
  2.500 6 1/2x1/4x3.000 Cast 27000 62250