Pitfalls When Sizing Motors for Ball Screws and Ball Screw Actuators

Cleveland, OH - October 27, 2014

Nook Industries eBook Article Explores Proper Sizing of Motors for Ball Screws and Ball Screw Actuators

In the most recent edition of The Journal's Ebook: Insights into Motion Control & Linear Motion from Rockwell Automation and their PartnerNetwork™, Nook Industries examines how to properly size a motor for ball screws and ball screw actuators.

In "Pitfalls When Sizing Motors for Ball Screws and Ball Screw Actuators," Jonathan Kasberg, Program Manager at Nook Industries, explains how to use Motion Analyzer software from Rockwell Automation to help select the right motor, as well as accurately calculate drag torque to help ensure optimized performance and uptime.

"The internal pre-stress of a preloaded ball screw can produce undesirable results if not accurately accounted for. Proper sizing of a motor for equipment is critical to ensuring equipment performance, reliability and cost-efficiency, whereas improper sizing could lead to project delays and lost profits," says Kasberg.

Although proper sizing of a motor could result in higher upfront costs, choosing the incorrect motor and drive could have costly ramifications.

Since July 2013, Nook Industries has been a member of Rockwell Automation's PartnerNetwork™ Encompass Program, answering the growing need for complete solutions to customer design challenges.

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About Nook Industries:
Nook Industries is a leading manufacturer of linear motion systems that are used globally in a wide range of applications demanding controlled motion. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Nook Industries is an ISO 9001-2000 Registered Company that is committed to quality, emphasizing continuous improvement, defect prevention, and the use of statistical methods and consistent training to ensure the quality of its products. Nook products are used by companies serving a wide range of industries including: military/defense, aerospace, communications, electronics, semiconductor, medical/diagnostic, automotive, transportation/tire, metal processing, chemical, food/beverage, forestry, packaging, paper, factory automation, tooling/fixturing, converting and instrumentation/analysis. For additional information, visit the Nook web site at or call 1-800-321-7800.
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