Programmable Actuator

Cleveland, OH - August 19, 2014

Nook Industries Unveils the New Programmable Actuator

Nook Industries announces a new addition to its offering of rod style actuators, the Programmable Actuator. The PA Actuatorâ„¢ is ruggedly designed to offer an expanded range of performance by providing higher loads, longer life and increased duty cycles with higher speeds and programmability.

This product incorporates a direct drive or toothed belt drive for high mechanical efficiency that allows for quiet running performance. In addition, they’re supplied with either a ball screw or acme screw, and either a servo or stepper drive system.

Some advantages of the new PA Actuator include:

  • Rated for continuous duty
  • Long service life
  • Anti-rotation device integrated
  • Quiet running performance
  • Complete system from one source including motor, drive, controller and power supply
  • Ball screws are used on high-speed applications
  • Acme screw actuators are designed for lower duty cycles where self-locking is desired

Performance characteristics of the PA Actuator include:

  • High mechanical efficiency
  • Strokes up to 24 in.
  • Repeatability up to ± 0.04 in.
  • Toothed belt drive (for parallel motor mounting)
  • Standard motor and gearhead flanges for simplified selection. Optional motors are available at customer selection when specified.
  • IP54 (motor dependent)
  • IP65 (motor dependent)

PA Actuators are designed to provide longer life and increased duty cycles in a variety of applications. For more information about the PA Actuator product line, visit Programmable Actuators.

About Nook Industries:

Nook Industries is a leading manufacturer of linear motion systems that are used globally in a wide range of applications demanding controlled motion. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Nook Industries is an ISO 9001-2000 Registered Company that is committed to quality, emphasizing continuous improvement, defect prevention, and the use of statistical methods and consistent training to ensure the quality of its products. Nook products are used by companies serving a wide range of industries including: military/defense, aerospace, communications, electronics, semiconductor, medical/diagnostic, automotive, transportation/tire, metal processing, chemical, food/beverage, forestry, packaging, paper, factory automation, tooling/fixturing, converting and instrumentation/analysis. For additional information, visit the Nook web site at or call 1-800-321-7800.

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