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Cleveland, OH - November 30, 2011

Nook's Electric Cylinder Series Delivers Rugged Encapsulated Actuation For Harsh Environments

Nook Industries (Cleveland, OH), the leading linear motion control systems and components manufacturer, has recently advanced its Electric Cylinder series (See Image 1 in Figure 1 Below). The AJEC series is ruggedly designed and intended for use in harsh/dirty industrial applications as it features ground and hard chrome plated actuator tubes that encapsulate Nook's Precision Acme and Ball Screw actuation. The AJEC series includes a complete range of DD/RAD/ILA lines and is completely electromechanical; requiring no pumps or hoses (vs. hydraulic) with thrust capacities ranging from 500 lbs. to 40,000 lbs.

Because of its' advanced encapsulation housing design, the AJEC series completely protects the Acme or Ball Screw actuation - making it ideal for a myriad of harsh outdoor/off-road industrial applications including military use in tanks, SAM batteries, and missile guided tracking systems, amongst others.

Furthermore, the chrome plated encapsulated actuator tubes also feature industrial strength enamel epoxy paint on their exterior surfaces. Nook can also accommodate any MIL-SPEC paints and DIN numbers for specific Military applications.

Produced in standard models and built to specification, the AJEC series can be used individually or in multiple arrangements with a wide variety of speeds and thrust capacities for each of the following lines:

Nook Electric Cylinder Series Design Configurations:

DD Worm Gear Electric Cylinders:

  • Load capacities range from ¼ to 20 ton.
  • Nook Precision Ball Screw or Acme Screw actuated.
  • Worm gear power train driven Electric Cylinders incorporate an alloy steel worm which drives a high strength bronze worm gear (drive sleeve).
  • Worm shaft is supported on anti-friction tapered roller bearings with external seals provided to prevent loss of lubrication.
  • Jack housing is made of ductile iron.
  • Drive Sleeve is supported on anti-friction tapered roller or ball thrust bearings.

RAD Worm Gear Electric Cylinders

For applications that require reduced RPMs to move a lot of energy, Nook's RAD incorporates the same features of the DD with a second stage of worm gear reduction that provides higher thrust at lower speeds. The reducer and motor can be mounted in eight possible positions for maximum flexibility.

ILA Electric Cylinders:

Ideal for the most difficult environments, the ILA In-Line Electric Cylinders offer no reduction as they are designed to have a motor or gear reducer directly coupled to the lift shaft to provide fast, precise operation and/or higher duty cycles.

  • Load capacities range from ¼ to 10 ton.
  • Nook Precision Ball Screw actuated.
  • Keyed or un-keyed actuator tubes.
  • Standard trunnion pin mounting; easily adapted for use with servo motors and planetary gear reducers.

Nook Electric Cylinder Accessories:

A/C or Servo driven motors can be mounted to Nook's Electric Cylinder line with any of Nook's IEC or NEMA frames. Additional accessories are available including: motors, motor mounts, encoders, hand wheels, counters, couplings, miter gear boxes, boots, limit switches, clevises, clevis pins and brackets, etc.

Corporate Profile:

For over 40 years, Nook Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of linear motion components and linear motion control systems. Manufacturing one of the most comprehensive selections of integrated linear motion systems in the world, Nook's progressive growth has been achieved through its commitment to quality, continuous improvement, defect prevention, and the use of statistical methods and consistent training to ensure the quality of its products.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Nook Industries is an ISO 9001-2008 Registered company that provides controlled motion solutions in a wide range of industries including; transportation, medical/diagnostics, paper, chemical, food/beverage, solar/aerospace, entertainment and communications markets. Clients in these markets rely on the company's products for tooling, product design and engineering flexibility to provide modified standard products to meet their respective application requirements.

Whether the application requires an off-the-shelf linear motion component or an engineered solution tailored to fit your application - Nook provides comprehensive engineering, design and analysis in providing the highest quality linear motion manufacturing solutions on the market today.

For more detailed information, visit the Nook web site at: or call: 1-800-321-7800.

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