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Cleveland, OH - August 13, 2011

U.S.A. Based Turnkey Manufacturing Is Paramount To Nook's Commitment To Galvanizing Growth

Given the recent climate of economic recession, industry leading linear motion control systems and engineered components manufacturer, Nook Industries (Cleveland, OH) realizes the vital importance of committed sourcing and manufacturing within the U.S. At the core of Nook's business model for over 40 years, locally owned suppliers and businesses have been a priority focus for sourcing raw materials for engineered solutions for Nook's comprehensive lineup of linear motion components spanning markets such as: automotive, chemical, electronics, factory automation, steel, transportation, solar/aerospace, military, entertainment, and packaging. The goal is to keep jobs in the United States and remain a leading worldwide supplier of linear motion components -100% made in the U.S.

The stronghold of this resolve is paramount considering that manufacturing makes up a significant 12% of the United States GDP. Additionally, the U.S. is responsible for 19% of the world's manufacturing. However, the current import to export ratio between the U.S. and the main countries we trade with is almost 2:1 with our main imports at 44.7% and our exports at 29.1%.

Furthermore, in January of 2004, the amount of jobs available in the manufacturing sector of the US economy fell 17.5% from July of 2000. With concerns regarding the current state of the US economy, US jobs going overseas, and America's global position in manufacturing, it is extremely important to support American businesses. In analyzing these core facts about today's US economic landscape, American manufacturers should make it a priority to use domestically owned businesses to supply their raw materials.

Nook recognizes that staying competitive as an American manufacturer means leading the way in innovation and finding ways for products to perform better at a lower cost. An essential additive that differentiates Nook is the onsite availability of real-time engineering solutions, analysis, and complete manufacturing control in one facility in Cleveland, Ohio.

Heartland Advantage / Innovation:

Being located in Cleveland, Ohio, the heartland of the U.S.A., gives Nook a unique advantage of being high up on the food chain of knowing exactly where raw materials are pulled out of the ground. Using local suppliers is of great importance as it provides manufacturers better knowledge of how the supplier impacts the local environment during the excavation process of raw materials. Furthermore, buying from local companies that focus on quality control and stability is always the best solution when choosing a supplier.

The ActionJac™, one of Nook Industries' major product lines, is completely manufactured onsite in the United States. In fact, 98% of all the materials used in its production are excavated from American soil and 100% of the Nook products are manufactured in Cleveland Ohio.

With a dedicated growth model of "vertically" integrated manufacturing, Nook currently offers over 10,000 configurable engineered products. Continued innovation is marked with the patent-pending Nook Sensor System™ for its' ActionJac product line and uniquely designed Precision Metric Ball Screw (PMBS). From August of 2010 to August of 2011, Nook Industries has grown its employee base by 14.48% and overall corporate growth has increased by a remarkable 40%. This is a direct response to the company's products unparalleled performance and precision, and our engineering staffs' obsessive attention to every detail.

This formidable growth trajectory has allowed Nook to identify and react quickly to growth markets and applications that will benefit from Nook's on-site control of thread rolling, die design, and manufacturing. Commitment to technology also offers flexible, efficient customization with design validation through the use of precision measurement equipment. Targeted growth in new product applications includes metric products to service World markets and small diameter ball screws for Military, Medical, and other OEM market applications for Nook's actuator line.

Conclusion / Future - Expanding U.S. Linear Excellence:

Understanding the manufacturing industry is essential to improving the amount of American products consumed. When foreign products are purchased instead of American products, jobs are shipped overseas and typically never return. Massive amounts of imports results in a trade deficit. This leads to an unsustainable amount of borrowing from foreign countries, which stifles the growth of our economy.

American-made products are generally of higher quality, and by law, are typically more environmentally friendly. Usually, American steel products are made of at least 50% recycled materials, while foreign companies will use little or even no recycled content. By working with local businesses and suppliers, Nook aims keep to more jobs in America while also stimulating US economic advancement.

According to Nook CEO, Chris Nook (See Image 1 in Figure 1 Below) , "We believe that our dedication in innovation, focus on quality, and the performance of the products that we build is what makes us different. We take pride in our history of American manufacturing and are even prouder that our customers can rely on the security of our fully-reliable engineered systems." With an eye on the future, Nook concluded in stating, "Into the next decade and beyond, Nook Industries is committed to continue its tradition as a family-owned industry leading manufacturer of linear motion components and systems that are made in the U.S.A."

Corporate Profile:

For over 40 years, Nook Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of linear motion components and linear motion control systems. Manufacturing one of the most comprehensive selections of integrated linear motion systems in the world, Nook's progressive growth has been achieved through its commitment to quality, continuous improvement, defect prevention, and the use of statistical methods and consistent training to ensure the quality of its products.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Nook Industries is an ISO 9001-2008 Registered company that provides controlled motion solutions in a wide range of industries including; transportation, medical/diagnostics, paper, chemical, food/beverage, solar/aerospace, entertainment and communications markets. Clients in these markets rely on the company's products for tooling, product design and engineering flexibility to provide modified standard products to meet their respective application requirements.

Whether the application requires an off-the-shelf linear motion component or an engineered solution tailored to fit your application - Nook provides comprehensive engineering, design and analysis in providing the highest quality linear motion manufacturing solutions on the market today.

For more detailed information, visit the Nook web site at: or call: 1-800-321-7800.

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