E-900 Ball Screw Lubricant

Cleveland, OH - July 2015

Nook Industries, a leading innovator of linear motion components and systems, offers E-900 ball screw lubricant for use on any of its ball screw products, such as ball screw assemblies, ActionJac ball screw jacks and ball splines.

The E-900 lubrication provides a lasting film for wear protection and corrosion resistance. The lubrication system offers a wide operating range of negative 65 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has low-rolling friction characteristics that help reduce inter-ball friction in ball screw and ball spine assemblies.

"When it comes to linear motion applications, lubrication is so important in getting most efficient and cost-effective use out of an application," said Jeff Naymik, marketing manager for Nook Industries. "The E-900 was designed specifically to achieve the best performance and yield the longest life out of our products."

Proper lubrication is essential to ball splines and ball screws. The E-900 lubrication is available in spray and liquid forms. Generous and regular application of the E-900 can extend the life of ball splines on products that are in good repair and free of dirt and grease.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Nook Industries is an ISO9001:2008- and AS9100C-registered company that provides controlled motion solutions in a wide range of industries including transportation, medical/diagnostics, paper, chemical, food/beverage, solar/aerospace, entertainment and communications markets. For more than 45 years, Nook has provided comprehensive engineering, design and analysis in providing the highest quality linear motion manufacturing solutions on the market today. For more information, visit or call 800-321-7800.

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