Bellows Boots

Standard and Special Bellows Boots

Bellows boots are available for all sizes and configurations of ActionJac™ Worm Gear Screw Jacks. A boot protects the lifting shaft from contamination and helps retain lubricant to ensure long jack life.

To assist in determining your correct boot for your application, You can use the worm screw jack boot template located at: WORM SCREW JACK BOOT DATA FORM

Standard boots are sewn from black neoprene-covered nylon fabric for oil, water and weather resistance and are acceptable for use in -30° to +300°F environments. Optional materials are available for specific operating conditions.

Special Boot Materials

Hypalon-Coated Nylon -30° TO +300°F Chemical Resistance, Wash Down
Silicone Coated Fiberglass -67° TO +550°F High Temperature
Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass -65°F TO +700°F High Temperature, Hot Chips, Welding Splatter
Metal Cover Contact Nook Engineering for details Contact Nook Engineering for details

Note: Retracted boot length may increase with some special materials.

Guides are recommended for all horizontal applications where travel exceeds 24 inches or if the boot needs to remain centered around the screw. The recommended number of guides is one guide for each 24 inches of travel length.

EXAMPLES: 12 inches of travel = no guides, 24 inches of travel = one guide, 47 inches of travel = one guide, 48 inches of travel = two guides, etc.

Standard boots are furnished with tie straps for jacks with greater than 65 inches travel. Tie straps are attached from convolution to convolution and help the boot extend uniformly.

Special End Configurations

Boot End Configurations

Bellows Boots for Translating Screw Jacks

The end cuff is designed to fit standard end fittings, the top plate and the clevis end. When jack travel is greater than 6 inches, lift screw closed height increases to accommodate the length of the collapsed boot convolutions. For standard boots the increase in closed height is calculated using the formula shown.

Boot End Configurations

Ball Screw Machine Screw C Dia. D Dia. W Max. Screw Dia. (ref.)
0.5-BSJ All MJ 1.00* 4.00* 5.50 0.63
1-BSJ 1-MSJ 1.25 4.25 5.75 0.75
2, 2.5 & 3-BSJ 2, 2.5-MSJ 1.50 4.50 6.00 1.16
5, 10-BSJ 5-MSJ 2.00 5.00 6.50 1.50
- 10-MSJ 2.50 5.50 7.00 2.00
- 15-MSJ 2.75 5.75 7.25 .2.25
20-BSJ 20-MSJ 3.00 6.00 7.50 2.50
30-BSJ 30-MSJ 4.50 7.50 8.00 3.38
- 35-MSJ 5.00 8.00 9.50 3.75
50, 75, 100-BSJ - 6.00 9.00 10.50 4.00
- 50-MSJ 6.50 9.50 11.00 4.50
- 75-MSJ 7.00 10.00 11.50 5.00
- 100-MSJ 8.00 11.00 12.50 6.00

Boot with guide C=1.25 and D=4.25.

Bellows Boots for Rotating Screw Jack

Boots for upright rotating and inverted rotating jacks are ordered as separate line items. Typical rotating jack applications require two boots, one between the housing and the travel nut and one from the travel nut to the end of the lift shaft. Each boot for a rotating screw jack is ordered as a separate line item. To order boots for a rotating screw jack, select the outside diameter D from the chart show and specify cuff dimensions and travel per the diagram using the reference number as shown below.

Boot End Configurations

Installation arrangements for rotating worm gear screw jacks vary, therefore boots for rotating jacks must be specified by the customer.

How To Order Boots For Translating Screw Jack

Boot End Configurations

Boots may be ordered using the reference number system as shown on pages 31, 69 103, 123, 141, and 161 of our Worm Gear Screw Jacks Catalog.

For special material boots add "M" to the reference number and add the description.

Figure 1