Series 500 Sensors

Nook sensors are designed to meet the need for low cost position sensing on the Series 500™. It is highly accurate, with sensor repeatability up to ± .004" (0.1MM). This design allows users to install and adjust sensors on a single actuator and integrate easily with a motion control system.

The sensor system is supplied with two PNP or NPN (normally open) switches. For additional switches or to order a normally closed switch, contact Nook Application Engineers.

Nook sensors are designed to allow easy field adjustments. Magnets are secured to the extension tube to ensure a positive response once it passes near the position sensor. To adjust the position sensors simply position the extension tube in the correct position, loosen the locking screw, and then slide the movable sensor to the desired location until the sensor indicates a response. Additional sensors can be added or moved. It is also possible to add multiple sensors to the same slot.

How To Order Sensors

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Figure 1