Miniature Profile Ball Rail Lubrication


The loaded rolling elements and the raceway will be separated at the contact zone by a thin layer of oil.

The effective lubrication will:

  • Reduce friction
  • Reduce wear
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Dissipate heat and increase service life

Oil Lubrication

Nook recommends LBL1 (see page 198). A lubricant formulated for rolling friction should be used with Nook Linear Bearings. In applications where operating speeds are low and loads are light, Nook linear bearings can be used without lubrication at a reduced life. However, to protect the highly polished bearing surfaces from corrosion and wear, a lubricant is recommended.


Speed, load, stroke length, and operating environment affect re-lubrication interval. A safe lubrication interval can only be obtained by practical observation.

Lubrication interval shall not exceed one year. Lubrication can be applied through the injection hole on both ends of the block by using a special injector available from Nook.

  • Lubrication shall be applied before lubricant is contaminated or changes color
  • Amount of lubricant is 1/2 of the first lubrication. If lubricant oil is applied, add until oil over flows (see Table 1 below)
  • Lubrication shall be applied under operation temperature. Move block back and forth while adding lubricant to ensure even distribution. Water based lubricant oil should not be applied to the block or rail
  • If the stroke is smaller than one time or greater than 10 times the block steel body length, the re-lubrication interval shall be shortened


  • For the ZZ and EZ series:

    1. Block contains lubricant which can be directly installed on the machine with no need to be washed.

    2. If washing the blocks, please do not soak the block in the lubricant before both the detergent of lubrication storage area and Cleaning Naphtha are totally dry. The block is ready for installation only on the condition that the lubrication storage area is full of the lubricant.

  • The linear guide must be lubricated for protection before the first use. Contamination of any kind should be avoided
  • The runner block should be moved back and forth during lubrication
  • Generally, the lubricant can be added onto rail raceway
  • The lubricant can be injected into the lubrication holes on either end of the runner block
  • A thin coating of lubricant should be maintained on the surface of the rail raceway at all times
  • Re-lubricate before contamination or discoloration of the lubricant occurs
  • Notify Nook Engineering when used in acidic, alkaline or clean room applications
  • Contact Nook Engineering for lubrication assistance if the runner block is used in a wall mount configuration


When reordering lubrication applicator, please specify appropriate part number and needle:

Note: Applicator does not come prefilled. Capacity = 10ml. LBL1 is the recommended lubricant. Other lubricants are available.

Grease Lubrication

When lubricant grease is required, synthetic oil-based lithium soap grease with a viscosity between ISO VG32-100 is recommended.

Figure 1