Lubrication and Sealing

Proper lubrication and contamination protection are an essential requirement for NOOK Precision Profile Rails.


A standard feature of NOOK runner blocks is a special composite rubber seal on both ends of the block that effectively retains grease (lithium soap base) within the runner block. This seal also acts to keep out many contaminants. (See Image 1.1 in Figure 1 Below)


Stainless scraper plate option for enhanced protection of the seal as well as removal of contaminant build up such as light weld spatter and overspray. (See Image 1.2 in Figure 1 Below)

Mounting Hole Caps

For sealing quality and protection use the cap plugs supplied by NOOK to cover the mounting holes in the rail flush with the top surface. (See Image 2.1 in Figure 1 Below)

Grease Gun

Refillable and reusable push style grease gun for lubricating size 15 block. Ships empty to allow for application specific grease. (See Image 2.2 in Figure 1 Below)

Grease Fittings

Lubrication is recommended every six months or after every 100km (about 330,000 ft.) of travel. If lubrication every six months or 100km is not practical, forced oil lubrication is necessary. Refer to the catalog pages for the runner block types to determine the style of grease fitting supplied. (See Image 3 in Figure 1 Below)

Figure 1