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Below is our Linear Library consisting of Reference Number Charts, Technical Glossaries, Design Considerations, Charts & Diagrams and other relevant information.

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Reference Number Chart

Twin-Lead Acme Screw Assemblies - Twin-lead acme screw assemblies reference chart.

Technical Glossary

Acme Screw Glossary and Technical Data - Acme Screw glossary, technical data and diagram.

Acme Screw Load Definitions - Acme Screw technical glossary, definitions and diagrams.

Acme Screw Selection - Acme Screw selection technical glossary and diagrams.

Acme Screw Thread Form Terms - Acme Screw thread form technical glossary and diagrams.

Design Considerations

Acme Screw Design Considerations - Design Considerations for Nook Acme Screw Products.

Acme Screw Material Specifications - Acme Screw material design considerations.

Standard Locknut and Locknut Shaft Inch Dimensions - Standard Locknut and Locknut Shaft Inch Dimensions

Temperatures & Materials - Nook Product Temperatures & Materials

Linear Screw Alignment - For Ball Screws

Charts & Diagrams

Column Strength: Acme Inch Screws - Acme inch screw column strength info and diagrams.

Critical Speed: Acme Inch Screws - Acme and inch screws critical speed diagram.


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