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Below is our Linear Library consisting of Reference Number Charts, Technical Glossaries, Design Considerations, Charts & Diagrams and other relevant information.

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Reference Number Chart

Brake Motor Reference - Brake motor reference charts.

Electric Cylinders Brakemotor Reference - Electric Cylinders brakemotor reference chart.

Electric Cylinders ILA Reference Number System - Electric Cylinders ILA reference number system chart.

Technical Glossary

Electric Cylinders Maintenance Manual - Electric Cylinders Maintenance Manual

Electric Cylinders Definition and Terms - Electric Cylinders info and technical glossary.

Nook Actuator Paints - Nook Paint Options

Design Considerations

Electric Cylinders Bellow Boots - Electric Cylinders bellows boots design considerations.

Electric Cylinders Design Considerations - Electric Cylinders info and design considerations.

Screw Technology - Screw technology and design considerations.

Temperatures & Materials - Nook Product Temperatures & Materials

Charts & Diagrams

Control Panels - Control panels info, charts and diagrams.

Electric Cylinders In-Line Encoder - Electric Cylinders In-line encoder charts and diagrams.

Electric Cylinders Rod-Type Limit Switch - Electric Cylinders rod-type limit switch information.

Flexible Couplings - Flexible couplings charts and diagrams.

LinkJac Shafting - LinkJac shafting information, charts and diagrams.

Mounting Clevises - Charts and diagrams for Nook mounting clevises.


How To Adjust a Limit Switch Video - Watch how to adjust a limit switch in this video.