In-Line Encoder

In-Line Encoder Is Installed Between The Motor Adapter and Motor

For precise position sensing at the input shaft, an ActionJac™ in-line encoder option may be factory installed between the motor and motor adapter or Right-Angle Reducer. This lowcost option requires minimal space, leaving the extension shaft side of the jack free for clearance, for a rotary limit switch, or for coupling to another jack.

The in-line encoder's quadrature output design allows detection of both speed and direction of shaft rotation.

The ActionJac™ in-line encoder option requires an optional motor mount or Right-Angle Reducer.

  • Sensing speed range: 0 -10,000 rpm
  • Pulse output: 60 Pulses per revolution
  • Supply voltage: +5 to 24 Volts DC +/-5%
  • Supply current: 60 mA typical, 115 mA maximum
  • Output drive capability: 250 mA per channel continuous
  • Maximum load: 50 ohms per channel

The encoder is face mounted between the motor and motor mount and will offset the length of the motor .61 inches for NEMA 56 and 140 frames and .88 inches for NEMA 180 and 210 frames.

(See Image 2 in Figure 1 Below) for frame size information and diagram.

Electrical Connections

Please see (See Image 3 in Figure 1 Below) for diagram

Output Channel Waveforms

Please see (See Image 4 in Figure 1 Below) for diagram.

Output Channel Schematic (Channels A & B)

Please see (See Image 5 in Figure 1 Below) for diagram.

How to Order an In-Line Encoder

Specify the Worm Gear Screw Jack reference number, using the system described on page 31, 69, 103, 123, 141, and 161 of our Worm Gear Screw Jacks Catalog.

In-Line Encoder Diagram

Click here for the In-Line Encoder Diagram


(See Image 6 in Figure 1 Below)

Figure 1