Electric Cylinders RAD Motor Mounts

The RAD Motor Mount is a compact, high quality worm gear reducer enclosed in a ductile iron housing. It mounts directly to the input side of the electric cylinder. Motors mount quill-style to a standard NEMA C-face. These assemblies are stocked for RAD-25, RAD-50, RAD-100 and RAD-200. Non-standard motor mounts can be designed for special requirements including, special couplings, small NEMA frame motors, DIN standard motors, stepper motor and servomotor designs. Contact Nook Industries for additional information.

The RAD Motor Mount is a secondary worm gear reducer that reduces speed and increases torque to the input of the electric cylinder. If motor clearance is an issue, an RAD cylinder may be selected to optimize motor orientation.

RAD Series Electric Cylinders can be ordered with industrial quality induction motors. Motors with internally and externally wired brake motors are available. Brake motors utilize an integral, spring actuated brake. Standard motors are 3-phase, 230-460 VAC, 60hz, 1,725 rpm. Single-phase motors are 115-130 VAC, 60hz,1,725 rpm. All motors are rated for continuous duty.

CAUTION: Ball screw cylinders are self-lowering. A brake of sufficient torque is required to hold the load with a ball screw cylinder. Be sure to verify that the brakemotor selected has sufficient brake torque for your application.

RAD Motor Mount Positions

See Image 2 in Figure 1 Below.

Figure 1