Column Strength Using Nook EZZE MOUNTS

Using Nook Industries Compact Universal Support mounts is a convenient and cost-effective way to support a ball screw. Several configurations are available and designed to provide the proper axial and radial support needed for most linear motion applications. Nook Industries offers both a single bearing and multiple bearing arrangement.

Below is a depiction of various bearing arrangements and graphs to assist in determining the proper screw size based on column strength and critical speed.

Column Strength Chart

This column strength chart may be used to verify that the screw can carry the required load without buckling.

The charts show the theoretical limitations of each screw on a separate line. The lines are limited horizontally by the slenderness ratio (the length divided by radius of gyration) and vertically by the maximum static capacity of the nut. Actual load is limited by the maximum nut capacity or end mounting.

If the selected screw does not meet compression load criteria, consider the following options:

  • Change end fixity (e.g. simple to fixed)
  • Design to use screw in tension
  • Increase screw diameter

To Use This Chart:

Find a point at which the maximum length between bearing support and ball nut intersects the maximum load. Be sure the screw selected is above and to the right of that point.

Figure 1