Bevel Jack EfficiencyChart for BSJ


Duty cycle is the ratio of run time to total cycle time. Some of the mechanical energy input to a Bevel Gear screw jack is converted into heat caused by friction. The duty cycle is limited by the ability of the Bevel Gear screw jack to dissipate heat. An increase in temperature can affect the properties of some components resulting in accelerated wear, damage and possible unexpected failure.

The chart below is used to determine the appropriate duty cycle for a particular jack with a give load.

To Use This Chart:

Find a point at which the load intersects a give jack. Move horizontally to the left to determine the appropriate duty cycle.

CAUTION: Chart does not include a design factor.

The chart is based on 20°C ambient temperature and 1500 RPM.

use the below charts to calculate the operation time for other speeds and temperatures, multiply the duty cycle in % by fn and ft.

Figure 1