Every day, thousands of design engineers in the packaging industry rely on Nook Industries for high quality, cost effective and proven products to satisfy their design requirements.

Increases in customer demand within this industry continue to power the need for the most reliable linear motion products to be integrated into packaging applications. Tailored to solve the toughest packaging challenges, Nook's products are found in a variety of different packaging applications from filling and measuring to wrapping and labeling. We offer the packaging industry a variety of systems' solutions, which incorporate our core products, such as the Actionjac worm gear ball screw jack and Linear Slide Systems.

Packaging applications integrating Nook technology include:

  • Labeling machines
  • Palletizing and loading
  • Wrapping applications
  • Filling and measuring machines
  • Vacuum packaging equipment
  • Case packers
  • Multipacking infeed
  • Bag inserters and uncutters

With the use of our customized linear motion products, our packaging customers are able to increase and reach maximum productivity and product throughput.

"Ask An Expert" for a personal design experience with an automation engineer who is specialized to handle custom applications.


Packaging Customers

Our systems are customized and designed to keep up with market demands and the changes in product size, shapes and packaging styles

Nook is proud to add value to the following customers:

  • Graphic Packaging Holding Company
  • Sealed Air Corporation
  • Curwood
  • Comdel Innovation, Inc.
  • Pearson Packaging Systems


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