As an ISO 9001 and AS9100 registered certified company; Nook Industries has been in the linear motion business since 1969. Nook Industries is a world leader in the production of precision actuation, providing a continued commitment to leading edge manufacturing and cost-effective products for the most advanced applications within the communications industry.

Advances in new communication technologies and strategies allow Nook to be at the forefront of innovation. Nook solutions can help customers develop state of the art automated communication equipment.

Communication applications integrating Nook technology include:

  • Satellites
  • Radio station equipment
  • Broadcast studio and related electronic equipment
  • Wireless networking equipment
  • Tracking antennas

Customers within the communications industry primarily include manufacturers of broadcasting and other wireless communications equipment. With the use of our customized automation products, customers within this industry are able to increase technological innovation more efficiently and ultimately create a better product.


Application Spotlight: Solar Panel Actuation

Linear motion in this satellite dish application is provided by a Nook Double Clevis Jack. Double clevis jacks are used when it is necessary to move a load through an arc, such as tracking antennas, hinged doors, solar trackers or air dampers. Machine Screw and Ball Screw Jacks from 1 ton to 15 ton capacities can be supplied with double clevis mounts. One clevis is mounted on the end of the lift shaft and the other clevis is welded to a heavy duty stem cover, which is welded to the housing. Double clevis designs are available with optional accessories such as boots, motor mounts, right-angle reducers, motors, encoders and rotary limit switches.


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